After the sudden death of his parents, American teenager Simon Chariot’s life is turned upside down. He is put into care and forced to attend a rough school in South London.

Chariot is bullied because of his American accent and public school mannerisms. However one of the toughest kids in school, guitarist Jim Ryan rescues him when he finds out that Chariot is a gifted singer. Although total opposites, Chariot and Jim soon become great friends. They form a band ‘Stars Falling’ and put all their energy into making music.

After a few years of struggling the band are offered a small record deal. But instead Chariot decides to audition for the Nation’s biggest talent show ‘The Face & Voice’. He decides he wants instant fame and doesn’t care who he hurts to get it.

Jim is furious when Chariot win the talent show and subsequently splits the band. Chariot becomes an overnight success but his fame has a price. He is now controlled by the show’s producers and the record company. Who tell him what to wear, sing and say. They also believe that he will sell more records as a single man. So he is forced to leave his girlfriend Natalie Jones.

Natalie is devastated but believes in her heart he will soon return. Even when she discovers shortly after that she is pregnant she decides not to tell him. She want him to return out of love not obligation.

To the outside world Chariot is living his superstar dream. However he realises he has sold his soul for fame and ruined the most important relationships in his life. Something has to change.

He goes back to his old neighbourhood to see if Natalie will take him back. However Jim and Natalie have been consoling each other, and Chariot sees them kiss. He realises that he can’t turn back the clock. but also he can’t continue with this new life that he has made. He decides to disappear!

He turns his back on fame and fortune to travel the world and find something to define the rest of his life.

Fast forward 20 years :

Chariot comes back to London, older and wiser. He has spent many years travelling and volunteering in some of the poorest places on Earth. He now believes that it is on these old streets where he can do the most good. His mission is to prevent young singers and musicians making the same mistakes he did by chasing instant fame. He plans is to open a singer/songwriters club, in the old building where his band used to rehearse.

This building is now owned by his old best friend Jim. Chariot see this as a sign and really wants to repair their relationship. However Jim who is now a very powerful figure in the London underworld. Sees this as a perfect opportunity to manipulate Chariot and exact his revenge.

Jim agrees to lends Chariot the money he needs to start the club. However on the day they are due to sign the contract. Jim explains that there is a clause whereby he must pay back all the money he borrowed within six months or Jim will take over the club and his dream will be over.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s son Taylor, has grown up and is passionate about music. Against his mothers wishes he moves to London, where is soon drawn to the club. Chariot obviously has no idea he is Taylor’s Father.

Jim continues to manipulate Chariot. He tricks him into singing an agreement with an illegal alcohol supplier, in order to turn a quick profit. Jim now knows that it will only take one anonymous phone call to the police and Chariot finished.

Natalie finds out that Taylor is playing at the club and is forced to tell him the truth about his father. She then goes to see Chariot and they realise, even after all these years, they still feel exactly the same about each other.

Chariot seems to have it all, his old girlfriend back, a son and a successful club. This infuriates Jim, who decides to call the police.

However as soon as he puts the phone down he realises that Chariot is still his best friend and he doesn’t want to lose him again. Jim confesses, and helps Chariot dispose of all the stolen alcohol, just before the police arrive.

Chariot and Jim put their differences aside. They are finally successful together through music. Jim turns his back on his life of crime to focus on their business. He is convinced they could one day have a club in every major city.

From day one, they have always been very different people. But it’s their differences that make them stronger together and when best friends are connect their bond is unbreakable.