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Best of Friends


It’s all about the music

10312683_351028205022260_5822863210624113189_nSimon Chariot’s parents have just been killed in a car crash. His father was an American Airforce pilot. They had always travelled because of his work. Now Chariot is forced to remain in London, as he has no living relatives and is still a child in the eyes of the law.

He is taken into care and is not allowed to return to his private school. Instead he must finish his education at a rough comprehensive in South London. Chariot is different and soon becomes a target of the school bully.

DSC01468However one of the toughest kids in school Jim Ryan, is a musician. He hears that Chariot is an amazing singer. He protects him so they start a band together and they soon become the ‘Best of Friends’.

After 5 years of struggling their band ‘Stars Falling’ is still not successful. They have now started to grow apart. Jim is hanging out with drug dealers and thieves. Chariot on the other hand has become completely obsessed with fame and he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get it.

10501885_352963061495441_7122889260238859889_nHe enters the nation’s biggest talent show ‘The Face & Voice’. He soon finds out that in order to win the competition he will have to agree to being manipulated by the shows producers.

Chariot does as he is told and is catapulted to instant stardom. However after months of lonely nights in faceless hotel rooms, he decides to returned to his old neighbourhood, where he sees Jim kissing Natalie Jones, the girl he left behind.

Halfway through recording his 2nd album, Chariot is at breaking point. He hates the soulless music he is being forced to sing. Knowing he has destroyed all the important relationships in his life, he decides to travel the world in order to find himself again.

He spends the next few years working on a Kibbutz and as an aid worker in India and Africa. More Face & Voice winners are crowned and as the years roll by Chariot is all but forgotten.

Present day London, 20 years after he disappeared, Chariot is back in a derelict building that used to be his band’s old rehearsal room. He wants to repair the relationships he left in tatters and also continue helping people. This time young singers, songwriters and musicians.

However Jim has become a prominent figure in the London underworld. He also owns the rehearsal room that Chariot wants to buy and sees this as a perfect opportunity manipulate his old best friend and get his revenge.

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